Health Solutions Journalism Newsroom Project (2020-2022)

AHSJI received a grant from NVF in 2020 to accelerate health solutions journalism in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. Health Solutions Journalism is a rigorous and compelling reporting focusing on responses to health issues, evidence that the responses are working, insight (how the responses work so that others can emulate/replicate), and the limitations. The project trained and mentored over 250 practicing journalists and journalism students. It also introduced health solutions journalism to journalism schools in five public universities in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. Over 400 positive articles on health were published.

To improve the credibility and technical soundness of the initiative programs, activities, and resources, the project established an advisory panel of medical and communication experts. It also created a website ( where credible information and resources on health and related issues, such as sanitation, nutrition, food security, climate change, and the environment are published.