Health Solutions Storytelling Project (2023-2024)

In 2023, AHSJI received a grant from NVF to enable the project to build on some of its success stories for the next 12 months. In particular, the project would like necessary modifications to continue undertaking the following high-impact activities: 1. Deepen health reporting and writing skills of at least 15 health journalists from Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda through training workshops on compelling solutions-based storytelling. The project engages experienced storytelling trainers to lead its training programs. 2. Write at least ten deep health stories on critical health issues like malaria, HIV/Aids, and the Impact of Climate Change on health, and publish them in the revamped AHSJI Health News portal. 3. Assist at least three journalism schools in developing and implementing health reporting teaching curricula using storytelling techniques, solutions journalism, and investigative journalism perspectives.